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Our Zero Waste Baby Shower

March 23, 2019


​Last weekend my friends and family pulled off one of the most amazing days to help welcome this little bundle into the world with a Tea Party themed shower at our home. I wasn't really allowed to be of much help in the planning process, but I did have a couple of fairly specific requests:


1. Sustainable decor (no disposables)

2. No clothes/toys we don't need

3. Cheese and mayo sandwiches... (this may be a pregnancy thing thing, but I had to have them)


This is how we did it for approximately 15 guests:




Homemade food, no takeout, with the exception of some tea biscuits and cookies I did request (my Grandmother was British and tea was her thing, so having the same cookies she used to serve was a sentimental reminder of her that made me smile). A gigantic and beautiful fruit platter that my friend put together and of course all the fruit was purchased without plastic and anything that could be composted was. My other friend made cake pops which were DELICIOUS and my sister made mini sandwiches.



Drinks & refreshments


We had a couple of different types of tea, some repurposed that I already  had in my cupboard, and some brought by my bestie. We also had a great MomOsa bar complete with a non-alcoholic bubbly and fresh fruits - next time I'd like to do some more research on how to get the juices in little to no packaging (maybe squeeze our own oranges?).





No disposables whatsoever - we used real dishes and cloth napkins, without a balloon or streamer in sight (and neither were missed). No plastic plates or cutlery either - we thrifted some adorable tea sets + cake stands and used my existing plates and cutlery instead. If you are having a larger gathering or don't own enough place settings, consider renting or asking guests to bring their own. 


Decor consisted of lots of greenery with eucalyptus (3 different kinds!) and baby's breath, which allowed guests to take some home and I now have some dried and using as decor around the house. We also posted up some ultra-sound photos of baby + photos of mom and dad for a personal touch and wooden letters spelling out "BABY" were strung up with twine as well - the word "baby" was intentional as this banner will now be re-purposed for my sister's upcoming showers and potentially others after that. 





Games were kept to trivia about the parents-to-be and guests were asked to write down their wishes for us and the baby in a beautiful notebook that we'll keep for years to come. My sister also prepped some mad-libs that got everyone laughing! All of this eliminated the need for gimmicky games requiring props like disposable diapers, chocolate bars, ribbons, plastic mini baby bottles etc..and really made the clean-up minimal as well (yes please). 


Thank You Gifts for Guests


As a mini Thank You for the guests to take-home, my sister made up a variety of beautiful bath salts in mason jars using different essential oils. Some other ideas might be to send guests home with some loose leaf tea, a succulent or baby plant, or even nothing at all. 


The beauty of keeping the shower simple is that the food really stood out, it was comfortable, it was affordable and it was stress-free. We weren't running around picking up last minute decorations and other than the food prep, the set-up did not take long at all so everyone was able to visit and enjoy as much of the day as possible. For this, I am very grateful. It all worked out so beautifully and I'm very thankful to those who put it all together for me.


Another thing to note is that the gifts I received were thoughtfully chosen and wrapping was minimal, if any at all. And honestly, I found it so much quicker and less awkward than unwrapping 20 gifts individually with everyone waiting to see my reaction. Any wrapping that was included was repurposed and will now go into my own "wrapping bin" for future gifts.


A huge thank you to all that attended and made this day happen. This little one is already so loved and her nursery is looking much more complete with all of your generous gifts xo


Have your own ideas on how to host a zero-waste party? Let me know!!








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