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3 zero waste bathroom must-haves

March 8, 2019

Ever notice how the main goal of a shower is to clean your body, but somehow we need 15 different types of products to achieve that?! The bathroom is a notorious hole for packaged products, from face washes, to moisturizers, to shampoo and conditioner, body washes, creams, scrubs and more. When I first took a hard look at what was actually in my bathroom, it was seriously overwhelming. I had items that had been given to me, 3 different types of shampoo and body wash, soap bars, 4 tubes of toothpaste...But with a quick audit of what I actually do in my bathroom (wash my hair, shave my legs, brush my teeth) it didn't take me long to realize that I could easily make sustainable changes and be mindful of what I was bringing in.  


It's taken some work, but I've finally narrowed down the products I keep in my bathroom. Take a look at three of my non-negotioable bathroom products outlined below. Next up is toothpaste and toothbrush.




1. Nourishing shampoo + conditioner bar 


Finish the shampoo and conditioner you have, rinse and recycle the bottles, and never look back.


I've been using this set from Unwrapped Life for a little over a month now and though it took me a minute to get the hang of the conditioner bar (I found it works best when I lather directly into my hair rather than in my hands first), I am 100% hooked! They arrived at my door step packaged in recyclable cardboard, which I love, and they smell delicious (I ordered the Bora Bora scent). The beauty of this is both bars can double as a shaving cream! With it's rich lather, the shampoo makes my hair soft, shiny and bouncy, and I just don't see the need for conventional cleansers anymore. These are basically the same size as when I got them too (highly recommend a well-draining holder), so I imagine these will last me months and months.


2. Safety razor


Stop using your Schick, Venus, Bic...whatever, and get yourself a safety razor.


Honestly, I don't think I've ever owned anything cuter than this pink one from Well Kept. It works so well and I basically feel like a vintage pin-up when I use it. This razor came with a huge package of straight razors as well that I won't be going through anytime soon so I know I am getting my money's worth every time I use it (I think I paid $75 about 6 months ago, including razors). As the blades get dull I just swap it out, and save the blades in a glass jar until I have enough to drop at the depot - since they're sharp I don't want to just put them in my everyday metal recycling as they can also clog the separation machines. 


I don't miss for a second over-paying for razors at the drug store and throwing unnecessary shit away.


3. Dry-brush


Swap out all of your exfoliating creams and lotions (and their plastic packaging) for this little wonder.


Great for stimulating circulation and your lymphatic system, I love dry-brushing before a shower a couple of times a week. I'd like to get a larger one for a good full-body scrub, but this mini version is great for the bikini area, chest, hard to reach places etc...Made from jute, a rough natural fibre commonly used to make twine, rope and sacks, this is a great staple to keep in your bathroom.


1. Shampoo Bar 2. Conditioner Bar 3. Pine Soap Dish  4. Safety Razor 5. Dry-brush

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