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Why I'm not afraid to give birth

March 1, 2019


As we inch closer to our due date (7 weeks away!), the topic and thought of giving birth has been on my mind more and more and I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject.


As a woman, when I think about giving birth to our little girl, nothing makes me feel more powerful and in my own skin. As my body grows and changes and morphs into this incredible machine to build a human with essentially no effort from me, I am amazed at what I am actually capable of. I began following doulas and birthing videos online, and started to realize just how inundated we are with negative images of giving birth. Movies and TV have taught us that birth is painful, scary and that your water will break and gush at the most inconvenient of times...but in actuality, birth can be a beautiful experience that we can actually enjoy, if we choose to override the fear. We go into pregnancy essentially expecting a horrifically painful, exhausting experience at the end of the 9 months - and who wouldn't be terrified of that??


Early on in my pregnancy, I decided that I wanted an enjoyable experience and I couldn't bring myself to believe that this thing that we women are actually built for, was going to be a bad thing. Don't take for granted that we are the only mammal who goes through this experience with pain interventions. Of course, every pregnancy and birth story is different, and I am not naive to the fact that it is likely going to hurt, but I trust my body and think the majority of our power is in our mindset as we approach the day.


Women are incredible. Our bodies are made for this and I look forward to bringing our daughter into this world through my body.


Tools that have helped me get here

  • Meditation & breathing

  • Following doulas on social media like @2lifedoula

  • Hypno-birthing

  • Prenatal yoga


However a little one comes into the world, every story is unique and beautiful in its own right. I don't take for granted the power of the female body and mind. Birth CAN be a beautiful, even sensual experience, and I'm so looking forward to however it all unfolds for me.


Looking forward to meeting you, baby girl.







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