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Top 5 natural deodorants that work

February 8, 2019


My relationship with deodorant has a complicated history, as I'm sure you may be able to relate. There was a time in my life when Lady Speed Stick in Raspberry scent was the ONLY thing that would do, and I couldn't imagine using anything else. But having grown up with an Aunt who slaps apple cider vinegar and essential oils under her arms and a mother who swears by a dab of coconut oil, I do come by all this natural stuff pretty honestly and knew that the Lady Speed Stick was probably not doing me any favours in the long run. Plus, It ranks 8/10 on the Think Dirty app scale...So, I made the switch a couple of years ago, and in the process, have tried countless brands, formats and dabbled in different price ranges in order to find what works. Below I outline my 3-point test + 5 brands that have worked well for me and some other notable mentions.





#1 antiperspirants block your pores where natural formulas allow your body to breathe and cool down the way it's designed to 

#2 added chemicals like parabens (preservative), triclosan (preservative) and phthalates (dissolvent for texture) are known hormone disruptors and can have long term effects on things like fertility and can even mimic estrogen, leading to cancers. Read this article for more info >>>  on this.

#3 why put a bunch of unknown, synthetic products on your skin when there are great options out there with zero risk or harm?



I need my my deodorant to...


  1. control odour

  2. not stain my clothes

  3. control wetness


I haven't personally had a problem with staining with any natural deodorants, though I know people who have. Typically a stain would come from an oil, or an additive like the aluminum you find in conventional, and then I wouldn't really call it natural. And though wetness is something that typically goes along with natural deodorant, I have seen a significant decline in my sweat production as I continue using natural (when your body isn't constantly trying to get through an aluminum barrier it doesn't need to produce as much sweat!). So if you're trying to go natural for the first (or 3rd or 6th) time, keep going - I promise you it gets better!





1. Schmidt's



I loved this brand and it worked so so well initially (checked all 3 boxes for sure), but after prolonged use, I found I was getting itchy, sore bumps in my underarms and had to stop. I think it was from baking soda which is typically used for wetness but can be irritating for a lot of underarms so I'm looking forward to trying out their new sensitive skin formula to see if that agrees with me a little better! For anyone who has had a similar experience or has sensitive skin, give this formulation a try because I really do love this brand and it really works. The scents are nice too - natural (like Lavender + Sage), but not to strong or "earthy".

2. Kiss My Face liquid crystal roll-on 


Has worked really well for me. It feels a little funny to apply since it's quite wet initially, but I found it worked really well for odour and the liquid doesn't have a strong smell. This didn't leave any stains and is super easy to apply. I would definitely recommend for anyone who is in need of some control but isn't looking for a strong scent.


3. Kopari Beauty coconut deodorant


This one is made from coconut oil and I don't know how they do it but it feels soooo good going on!!! It glides on really smooth and works really well to control odour, plus it hasn't stained any of my clothes. I do find the scent pretty strong myself (even though it's a nice smell), but if you are looking for something to switch to from conventional, this would definitely be the one!! It also really work for my girlfriends who need additional strength.


4. Lavanila Sport Luxe


I found this one at Sephora when I was in a pinch, and though I was skeptical at first of buying from a large chain, it does claim all natural ingredients with  a "botanical fragrance". Much like Kopari, it does work well and I would say it is a great transitional deodorant!



5. Crystal stick (hypoallergenic + no white residue)


This is a great one for anyone that doesn't like a scent but wants a deodorant that works. The natural mineral salts can prevent the growth of bacteria and actually do a great job of controlling odour. The size of this one is great too because it is easy to pack around and won't melt. The downside (IMO) is that you do have to get the stone wet in order to apply a layer - this can be a little tedious and uncomfortable for a few minutes while it dries. This option is super low cost and can last up to a year. Perfect for the low maintenance lady who wants a simple, clean solution.




I haven't tried all of these deodorants listed below (with the exception of DOM's which I do love), but they all came highly recommended to me from peers so I wanted to include them in case they may be a good fit for you.


 (a) NATIVE (b) Routine Cream (Canadian made) (c) Humble Brands (only 5 ingredients) (d) DOM's Deodorant (vegan + locally made) (e) Meow Meow Tweet (plastic-free packaging)



Was this post helpful? I want to hear from you! This blog is about sharing practical advice that resonates so DM me on Instagram or comment below on what you liked or what you'd like to see more of next time!


Until next time, #keepitkind





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