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Valentine's day gifts for the eco friendly lover

February 4, 2019


Valentine's Day is a beautiful time to show those that you love just how much they mean to you, but it's  not exactly an "earth friendly holiday".  I've never really understood why it becomes (much like Christmas can), all about gifts, fast fashion, generic chocolates etc...when the true heart (see what I did there ;)) of the day is about showcasing genuine love and affection for those you adore. 


We should be able to enjoy beautiful things, and spoil the ones we love if that's what we want to do, but it is also our responsibility as consumers to understand the impact of our actions. It's really just about putting some thought into our purchases because it's too easy to rush to the store at the last minute and just spend money on "stuff", not thinking about where it came from, any environmental impact it may have made, and where it is going to go once we are done with it (fluffy teddy anyone??).


I like to ask myself the following questions before most purchases:

  1. Do I know where this came from? And what it took to get it here, into my store?

  2. Am I comfortable knowing that this may have been made in an unethical way?

  3. How am I going to dispose of this once we've enjoyed it?

So whether that means you buy from local artisans, gift only plastic-free items, or forego gifts all-together this year, it doesn't really matter. What's important is that our actions are made with some form of thoughtfulness outside of ourselves and our immediate enjoyment, because you can certainly still show your honey that they're special, in a more thoughtful/ethical way - take these ideas for instance:

  • Forego the card and write a true love letter instead

  • Instead of the generic box of chocolates, pick out some fair trade treats you know they'll love - bonus points for bulk in a cute, recyclable bag!

  • Give a beautiful plant they've been wanting (you can't go wrong with a fiddle leaf fig these days), a succulent, or something you can plant in the yard together over a bouquet of flowers grown on mass, full of pesticides and wrapped in cellophane

If you decide to give more material gifts, consider sustainable purchases like this heart shaped handcrafted spoon, or consciously made lingerie like these 11 Ethical & Organic Lingerie Brands For The Modern Woman.


Sending all the love!! Happy Valentine's Day!





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