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Getting personal

February 1, 2019


Sometimes I feel like I write fluffy things, thinking I'll soften the message in a way that is digestible for as many people as possible. But more and more, I feel this niggling to express a little deeper, whether that resonates with a large amount of people or not. The blog below is a flow of my current feelings and thoughts - I'm not sure where I'm going with this but it feels good. So, here goes.


I started this blog as a way to share my thoughts and to 'inspire people to live a more conscious life', this is my Why. Recently though, I've been digging into this more and more and wanted to figure out, on a deeper level, what this really means. I typically write about reducing waste, tips on lessening our impact etc...but if I'm being honest, it's really not about that at all. It's deeper.


I sincerely believe we can change the world simply by coming back to ourselves, getting quiet and slowing down. Because it's in these moments when we can truly step back, appreciate what we have and take a look at what's actually going on around us. We need to see the bigger picture, the longer term. For me, it's about us as humans, really, truly considering our actions and being brave enough to make changes. Whether that's purchases, the way we treat people around us or even how we carry ourselves. It all comes back to us. Back to our own insecurities, our own blocks, our own shame. It's never about anyone or anything else, as much as we like to pretend that it is. Personally, I think it's beautiful to understand this, to really figure ourselves out, what makes us tick and why we do things the way that we do. We'll all have different answers, but if we do that, I believe we'll inherently treat the planet better, our friends better, that guy who (probably accidentally) cut us off in traffic earlier, better. Deep down we all want the same things: security, love, happiness. It's as simple as that, and we complicate it so quickly by putting blame or responsibility on others, on outside factors. But it's really about us.


As a collective, we are all in this together. We are and were never against each other and we all deserve to live great lives the way that we want to. This is so much bigger than zero waste or recycling, or composting or meditation challenges. These are ways that I like to express myself, but that could be completely different for you. The root is internal and as I write this I feel a bit of a pit in my stomach. A hopeful pit that makes me feel like we're on the cusp of something amazing. There are great things happening, great people around us, and major gratitude to be felt. So with this heartfelt 'word dump' , I hope we all go into the weekend with hope & excitement, and that we take even a few minutes to just sit with ourselves, think, and enjoy. Because the big things don't matter. It really is all about the little things.


I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!! Connect with me on Instagram at @gratitudemakesperfect.



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