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My eco-friendly baby registry

January 28, 2019

Sometimes it doesn't even feel real that we're having a baby. Sometimes it feels like my body is playing tricks on me. And then sometimes, it hits me so hard, like a tonne of beautiful miracle bricks and I still can't quite believe it.  


I always had a hard time picturing myself with children, though I'm not really sure why. I think I had prioritized career so heavily for so long that I had buried any desire to grow a family. Todd and I had discussed children and we both came to the conclusion that though we both love kids and were certainly open to the idea of having our own, that we didn't necessarily "need" to be parents and would be okay if it wasn't in the cards for us.  


But The Universe had other plans for us and when the test came back positive, it was a pretty incredible moment. I was alone, living in Vancouver at the time (Todd on Vancouver Island), and Todd had been out on a long hike with little to no cell service (of course). When I did get ahold of him later that day, we were able to share the moment via FaceTime (if you're in a long distance relationship, you can probably relate to the many moments shared via video). Immediately we both knew this was the right thing, and though it was not necessarily planned, we were both extremely excited.


Knowing you're bringing a child, another human, into this world can be incredibly humbling and a pivotal opportunity to evaluate how you're living, and what kind of environment you want to bring your little one into. Obviously it is important to me to bring this baby into a sustainable and thought out environment, so I started a list of all the baby items we'll need to get ready and have already begun collecting or sussing out as part of our "registry" (we're not formally registered anywhere right now). I plan to add to this list and alter as time goes on because I am 100% certain I do not know everything yet and am sure I'm missing a few items (as I write this I am 7 month along).



1. glass bottles with natural rubber nipples

* glass carries no risk of leaching toxic chemicals and won't hold onto any smells


2. cloth diapers / diaper pail / cloth diaper wet bags / hose for toilet / cloth wipes


3. wipes warmer


4. diaper bag (travel) with wet bags


5. natural rubber pacifiers


6. natural wooden toys


7. organic bedding


8. second-hand baby clothes (you'll be able to find a 'just as adorable' item at the thrift store)


9. baby wrap (for home)


10. baby carrier (for travel)


11. car seat


12. stroller


13. rocking chair / glider


14. SnuggleMe Organic 


15. baby bathtub


** I'll continue to add to this list, but if any eco-conscious mama's out there have suggestions for me, please let me know **



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