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Allow, and let go

December 10, 2018


Do you ever get so wrapped up in situations that you feel like you're spinning out of control? Do you overthink every. single. detail until you drive yourself crazy?


Me too.


I've always been a perfectionist in my work and personal life and have worried relentlessly about what others think of me (still working on that...) and wanted to ensure the "perfect" outcomes, which never came. But over time, with a lot of patience and self-reflection, I have loosened my grip on life and sort of let the universe (or whatever you want to call it) take the wheel. Since then, I have seen my life change completely and morph into everything I never knew I wanted. 



I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that nothing is coincidence. Everything that is going on in our lives (good and bad) is happening exactly the way we need it to, at exactly the right times in order to guide us on our deserved paths.


As I allow myself to believe this more and more, I have been able to loosen my hold and my desire to control the outcome of every situation. Pushing and pushing and pushing was getting me nowhere and since I have let go of expectations and put my trust in the process of life, I have come to realize that what I was pushing for was not even what I truly wanted anyway - corporate job in a big city? No thanks!


Allow your life to flow the way it wants to. If someone wants to leave your life, let them, they weren't meant for you long-term anyway. If you lose your job out of the blue and are upset over it, don't be, your path has now opened up for your dream job to come. Let go of your expectations and enjoy the ride, that's where the beauty and the freedom is anyway.

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