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Sustainable gift giving

December 2, 2018


Every year, billions of dollars are spent in giving gifts, which also means tonnes and tonnes of waste, from wrapping to packaging and even to unwanted presents.


While giving gifts is a beautiful way to show someone you care, I wanted to think about ways that we could put a little extra thought into what gift giving is all about this year and look past the thought of more "stuff".


Think of all the tape, ribbon, bows, plastic cellophane (all things that cannot be recycled and are headed straight to the landfill after a brief 2 minutes of enjoyment). I've asked that any gifts I may be given this year are not only sustainable in nature, but that they be packaged in something re-used or able to be recycled or composted.  


Below are some ideas on making sure your holidays are full of love, laughter, happiness and are as waste-less as possible.




  • Opt for an experiential gift - so many trinkets and small things get thrown away or donated - Give the gift of a memory over things this year such as a gift certificate to the spa, paint balling, a tarot reading etc...

  • Make a donation in your loved one's name 

  • Buy second-hand or made from repurposed/reclaimed material



  • get creative, use kraft paper + natural, compostable twine

  • re-use gift bags (you know you have them)

  • use newspaper

  • use cloth

  • decorate your own - my aunt has been wrapping our gifts in the same paper for years, and it has become a hilarious tradition from something we gave her when we were young


  • make your own

  • write a letter

  • skip it - write a sentiment on the paper wrapping


​Let's give gifts more mindfully this year and watch our loved ones light up with excitement. Do you have other ideas for a less wasteful holiday? Let me know as I'd love to keep adding to this list!



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