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Easy 20 minute ritual to start a new week

October 29, 2018

As human beings, we are creatures of habit. Rituals can be vital to any self-care routine and there is one on particular that I personally cannot budge on - 20 minutes on Sunday nights all to myself. That's really all I need to reconnect and get centred. 


I do this every Sunday, usually in the evening - sometimes Monday mornings if I need, but I do find it most effective done on Sunday so that I go to bed and wake up refreshed, renewed and cleared for a new work week ahead. Whichever day you decide, consistency is what is most important, not perfection.


You'll need:

1. 10-20 mins of uninterrupted time alone

2. Smudging tool of choice (sage, palo santo, or a candle can do just fine to set the mood)

3. A comfortable, clutter-free place to sit.


What to do:

1. Switch off. Turn off all electronics and bright lights (except maybe some meditation music on do not disturb mode)

2. Sit down, get comfortable and breathe

3. Light your smudging tool or candle

4. breathe deeply 5-10 times

5. Sit & experience for a few minutes. Your mind may wander, and that's okay. Slowly bring your focus back internally.


Once you're seated and focussing internally, you can choose to either repeat a mantra to yourself (try any of these ones), or just sit with yourself and notice the sensations in your body and see what comes up for you. It's really all about getting quiet, connecting with yourself, and having no expectations. Your mind will wander, just guide it back, don't worry about making this perfect. Continue to breathe.


Each experience may be different than the last, but if you keep at it, you will see positive changes in your life - I guarantee it. Whether that's a brighter outlook, or a more confident demeanour, getting connected with ourselves is the #1 way that we can shift our own perspectives, those around us, and ultimately, the world. Simple as that.



Thoughts? questions? feedback?! Send me a note and let me know!

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