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Let it be easy

October 22, 2018

 "Let it be easy" - a phrase I have become more comfortable with over the last few weeks and one at first glance, I may have scoffed at the simplicity of.


As I get older and begin to realize what is really important to me, I've gotten sick of the race and what I "should" have accomplished by my 30s. What started out as an experiment to ease my mind, has actually turned into a new way of life for me. A simpler, more enjoyable way of life that I can't wait to expand on. 


I started by asking myself "what if I let go of my anxiety a little bit here? Or, what if I didn't get myself worked up over that rough e-mail or those cancelled plans? Or, the fact that I didn't tick every single thing off on my list? Would that really hurt my day?"


I let things happen and did not react so suddenly to situations, and in turn, really took note of the things I was doing that lit me up + made me feel good, and the things that did not.


To me, letting life be easy means to let it be enjoyable, let it flow, bring in more meaning, family and love. What this looks like in real life is non-reaction and acceptance of situations and events as they happen - All we have control over is how we react and nothing more.


Bad day at work? Anxiety over bills or personal life? Let it be easy - the answers will come (if you let them).


To my surprise, as I began to practice this and allow things to flow in and out around me, my stress lifted, my quality of work improved and I started to see even more beauty in everyday life. And to prove even further that this concept works, I had 2 back to back successes at work in one week, with no more additional effort! This was all the proof I needed - the universe wants us all to relax.


Now, as I enjoy a few minutes of solitude each morning, I remind myself to "let it be easy" - Because if it's not easy, and it's not feeling great, then it's not meant for me. We are not meant to struggle, we are meant to thrive and leave our own unique, positive impact on ourselves, others and the world around us.


So as you go about your day today, take a step back, breathe it all in and just "let it be easy".


Did this resonate with you?! Let me know in the comments below.


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