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Lower waste kitchen swaps

August 20, 2018

When starting your lower-waste journey, I suggest starting room by room, celebrating your successes along the way (don't forget to celebrate!). The kitchen is typically one of the most-used rooms in the house, it's commonly where the garbage bin is, where we do our dishes, eat, clean up messes and everything in between.


It can seem daunting to think about changing the way we do things, but I promise it's not scary - it's even kind of exciting! Below, I'm sharing the simple swaps I began with in the kitchen, I hope you find them helpful and would love to hear your feedback or any other swaps you found helpful!


My top 5 waste-free kitchen swaps


1. reusable grocery bags (including produce and bulk bags like these)

2. compost your organics. And anything else you can.

3. use cloths as much as possible instead of single-use paper towel. Your laundry bill won't increase I promise - unless you're cleaning up after a family of 20 maybe...

4. swap your plastic scrub brush for a sustainable one with a compostable head (like this one). Just compost and replace the head when it's time.

5. pick groceries with recyclable packaging - i.e. opt for pasta in a box vs. a plastic bag (those are almost always not recyclable)


With these simple swaps, you'll be already making a huge impact. Shopping has actually become even more interesting now because it's like a challenge every time I go to the store - how little packaging can I bring home with me this time?? It's likely not ever going to be perfect, but the effort is certainly worth the reward.


Thanks for reading, and happy swapping.



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