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Cultivate your own abundance mindset

August 9, 2018

We all deserve to live an abundant life. Though commonly mistaken for a life of luxury, abundance is actually about balance, fullness and state of mind. You know that old saying "happiness is a state of mind"? Well, so is abundance. With a couple of minor tweaks, we can all cultivate beautifully abundant surroundings and in turn, a beautifully abundant life. 


How do you cultivate your own abundance mindset?


1. Start noticing the beauty around you.

The wind in the trees, the beautiful flowers, people being good humans. We often get so stuck moving from one thing to another that we rarely take even a few seconds to just enjoy all that surrounds us. I love walking to work and looking up, noticing tree branches and the big blue sky. There is so much pleasure in these moments and when you feel like you're surrounded by beauty, your life will start to reflect that. Literally, stop and smell the roses. Smell them good.


2. Practice gratitude daily
Take the time to think of 3 things you're thankful for, every day. The roof over your head, your able body, your loved ones, the raise you just got, nothing is too small when it comes to being grateful. Similar to noticing the beauty around you, having a grateful attitude about what you have in your own personal life signals the universe to give you more of that. Plus, being happy with where you are, allows you to feel the abundance that already surrounds you.


3. Stop coming from a place of lack

So often we think of what we don't have rather than what we do have. It is so easy to say "I can't afford that", or "I'm not skinny enough", but what about trying "I'd rather not spend my money on that right now" or "I'd like to work harder on my cardio"? See how that changes the dialogue from a negative to a positive? Take the power back into your own hands through your thoughts and words. Once we start leading our lives from a place of abundance we are empowered to make moves in the direction that brings us even more abundance. 


When we live in abundance we empower ourselves and those around us to live the full, enjoyable life we all deserve, so start today. Cultivate that abundance, baby.


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