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Daily affirmations for a positive day

July 9, 2018

Mornings are underrated IMO. I love mornings for so many reasons, one of them being that I get to  wake up to a fresh start each day. I hold the power to decide how I want my day(s) to unfold, and how I want to feel - totally incredible and empowering once tapped into.


I started using affirmations daily as a way to set the tone for my day ahead, and in turn, have seen a huge positive shift in the way I see my surroundings and how I feel during the day.


Affirmations act like little reminders for your brain and if done consistently, can transform your psyche (seriously, there are multiple studies showing this). They don't have to be hard, and they don't have to be complicated - they just have to resonate with you. You can say them internally, you can say them out loud, in the car, in the shower or on your walk. Whenever, wherever. Whatever we tell ourselves, we believe, so why not say something nourishing to yourself?


If you have no idea where to start, there are some great apps like the free Unique Daily Affirmations that can get you started and keep you on track. But I suggest keeping it simple and just beginning, because the sooner you start, the sooner you'll start to believe. 


My top 5 go-to affirmations for a positive day:


1. I am exactly where I need to be

2. I am powerful, beautiful and kind

3. Good things flow to me and through me with ease

4. Today is going to be a good day

5. Life happens for me and I am excited about this day ahead


No matter how you wake up feeling, there is always a way to set the tone for each and every day, and that is within your power. Ask yourself, how do you want to start your next morning? How do you want to feel today?



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