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What it's like shopping in a zero-waste grocery store

June 25, 2018

I attended the opening of Vancouver's first zero-waste grocery store, Nada, last week and have had several questions from friends and followers on what it was like, so I thought I would answer them here.


1. Is it all Organic?

Pretty much, yes. Local, organic, and responsibly sourced goodies for you to stock up on.


2. What were the prices like?

Prices are on par with what I've spent at other grocery stores for organic items. Come prepared to pay for quality, but I really found it reasonable - for example, organic avocados were $1.49ea - the same price I pay for non-organic at the chain store down the street from me. Keep in mind you're also not paying for all that packaging!


3. Did you find everything in one shop?

No, but you WILL find things you wouldn't even think about (cloth tea bags for loose tea, washable wipes for makeup remover etc). You likely will not find every single item on your weekly shopping list, but you will find all of the basics and some great treasures you never even expected.


4. What did you bring?

I went straight from work so had a couple of tupperware containers I had used for lunch plus one mesh produce bag I happened to have on me - they have free containers there too if you don't have any with you! You are encouraged to bring your own containers (but they have lots available if you don't). You weigh those containers and scan a little chip card that memorizes the weight - then you fill 'em up and don't have to worry about overpaying! This was genius. 


5. What did you get?

My haul was pretty minimal for my first visit but got some great items including those avocados, some raw almonds and a nut milk bag I had been looking for forever! I spent just over $20 and left feeling fulfilled and accomplished.


The Verdict


Do it. Try it. Yes, it may take a little extra thought than stopping in at your conventional store, but this store was obviously well-thought out and so much easier than I had expected.


After my shopping trip, I felt accomplished and as if I was supporting something great. I keep thinking about the glass smoothie straws and washable makeup remover pads plus a couple of other items I'm really looking forward to adding to my home as I continue on this waste reduction journey - If you go, let me know what you think!

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