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When your body tells you no

June 18, 2018

I've been thinking a lot about this topic as it comes up for me a lot. Do I push myself to that do that one last task, go to my friend's house just because I said I would, push for one more rep, or do I just...stop?


I was on a run over the weekend and somehow I just couldn't get past that "oh god no more" stage. I couldn't catch my breath and was unable to find my stride, which I found extremely frustrating because just last weekend I had gone on a run with my guy, only to feel totally exhilarated, in shape and motivated.


So, what about when you just can't motivate yourself?


That was me yesterday. I was frustrated, annoyed, irritated that I had seemingly just wasted a good opportunity to exercise because my "stupid body" wouldn't cooperate.


But what about listening to what our bodies are telling us? What about what our bodies want and are so obviously telling us when things feel really really hard?


Instead of forcing ourselves to move and run and stretch  and do when we so clearly do not want to, why not lean into it and allow what is happening to take place. Let's allow ourselves to stop. By doing so on my run yesterday, it ended up being so enjoyable - It was a beautiful sunny day (which I hadn't really taken the time to notice yet), the flowers were blooming and it was early so it was relatively quiet. These are all things that I wouldn't necessarily have taken in so I'm so happy that I did slow down and listen to myself, it opened up a whole new enjoyable experience for me.


Think of a time when this comes up for you from time to time - at work, exercising, weekend obligations - a time when your entire being is working against you. And when you feel this way, think about what it might be like to do something else altogether, or to just...stop. When we feel this way our bodies are trying to tell us something, so I'm trying to listen to myself more, and you know what? I'm kinda liking it.





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