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Meditation hacks for a noisy mind

January 3, 2018

Ever tried to meditate but couldn't quiet your mind? Me too. When done successfully, mediation can be an incredible practice that shuts out the noise and allows us to rejuvenate and think clearly. Meditation allows us to turn our gaze inward and connect with ourselves on a deeper, more focussed level, which we all need as we get busy and back to the grind of the new year.


With so much outside clutter for our minds to focus on (phone notifications, e-mails, family, banner ads...), it can be extremely difficult to shut our minds off. Below are 2 options that have helped me to get in my zone when my mind just wouldn't lay low, I hope you find them helpful as well.


1. Choose one word to focus on and slowly say this to yourself as you breathe in, and breathe out. I almost always choose "abundance" but this is an opportunity to focus your mind on something you might be working on or that speaks to you in that moment i.e. "patience", "kindness", "breathing" etc.


2. Breathe. As you breath in, imagine light filling you up. Start at your toes and as you breathe out, imagine that light being pushed back out. As you breathe in again, imagine that light filling you up a little deeper, and then a little deeper, and so on. This is a great practice for self-love and when a word is not necessarily resonating with you.


As we embark on the new year, I aim to add in at least one meditation practice per week, with the hope of meditating every day.

Would love to hear your feed back and any tips you might have as well!

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