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What to do when negative thoughts take over

November 17, 2017

We are all humans. Life gets us down. Bad things happen. It is impossible to be happy, cheerful and positive all day, every day.


Nobody has it all together, and as someone who really struggles with not having things together, I thought this was an important topic to touch on. 


When the Universe serves us up a hefty helping of negativity, that is our chance to shift, sidestep and re-calibratebut it's not always that easy.


Sometimes, bad days don't go away no matter how hard we try. In these instances, I say we embrace them. Embrace the sadness, embrace the 'negativity'. There are many days when my body and mind just crave to be alone. Alone to cry, wallow and simply feel. My previous self would have bull-dozed these feelings and forced a happy face, a smile. I would have forced myself out of the house, to go for a run or some other forced activity. But ever since I have focussed myself inward, I am doing my best to let myself feel, and the difference is astounding. I come out stronger, more centred and feel as if I have actually done something good for myself. Sometimes this takes a couple of hours, and sometimes this takes all day, but I am learning that every moment I listen to my body, and take some time to listen and do what is needed, I feel more whole and in tune.

When negativity creeps in: 

1. Ask yourself how you really feel - what does your body need from you in this moment?

2. Take 5 deep breaths. Really deep breaths. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

3. Write it down.

4. Let yourself be. Feel it.

5. Smile at yourself and say something nice to yourself. You're okay.


You are exactly where you need to be.




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