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How your mindset can change the world

October 29, 2017

I read something this morning that said "everything begins and ends in our minds", and it got me thinking.


Our minds are insanely powerful. They have the power to not only change the outcome of your day, but dare I say...the power to change the world.


Saying our thoughts can change the world might seem grandiose and even naive - and I was reluctant to write this post because of that - but think about it for a second. When we are operating from a place of doom and gloom and negativity, don't our actions and outcomes reflect that? And when we operate from a place of love, gratitude, hope and excitement, don't our actions reflect that as well? When we are open, and gracious, and thoughtful and kind, we open up a constructive dialogue that leads to solving problems, not perpetuating them.


Positivity acts like a magnet, and I believe that with even a small shift in our outlook on life, we can support the world on its path to rebuilding, peace-keeping and a better world for us all.


I urge you to try that today. No matter what kind of mood you woke up in this morning, let's all challenge ourselves to fill our brains with something positive. When our first reactions are to judge or be negative, don't.


Let me know if this makes a difference - let me know if you have a different outcome, I would love to hear it!!!



Plus, life is a lot more enjoyable when you’re happy.

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